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VDOCS Services

Document  Scanning Services

Document Scanning Services

High Quality Scanning with superior OCR.

Large, Medium and Small Projects for all Industies.

Scanning all, from smallest size to large format drawings

Medical Records Scanning

Medical Records Scanning Services sm

HIPAA Compliant Medical Records Scanning Service.

Conversion of entire medical Records.

Integration with EMR and EHR possible

Blueprint Scanning and Printing

 Large Format Drawings Services sm

Quality Blueprint Scanning, including historic Drawings.

Indexing and Bookmarking of Drawings.

Printing of B/W Architectural Drawings.

Photo Scanning Services

Photo scanning Services sm

4K Scanning, up to 7K to 10K 1,200 DPI Quality Scanning.

Image Correction, Indexing and Orientation included.

Lowest Price for highest Quality Scans

On-Site Scanning Service

onsite scanning sm

Set up of temporary scanning operation at your site.

Complete Scan Operation.

Maintain Control of your Documents.

Legal, Litigation Scanning

Legal Litigation Scanning Services sm

Case File Scanning and Indexing.

Bates Stamping.

Load Files for Case Management Systems


Indexing Services

Indexing and Coding Services s

Most advanced Document Indexing and Classification

Manual to complete Automated Indexing

Document Management System Integration

Document Conversion

Document Conversion BW

Convert to MS Word, Excel PPT etc..

Create Searchable PDF Files, Accurate OCR and Small File Size

Load Files, Email to Searchable PDF

BPO, Mail Scan Service

Mail Scan to Email

Mail Scan Service (e.g. to Google Drive or Dropbox)

Remote Check Deposit Service

Business Document Printing and Mailing 


VDOCS Software

PDF Bates Stamper

Bates Stamp

Batch Process multiple PDF and create fast custom bates stamps on PDF.

Very Easy to use, fast procssing and flexible configuration.

PDF Page Counter

Speed Counter

Fast batch counting of pages in multiple PDF files. Perfect to create audit files of current records

Capture filename, amount of pages, file size, color pages, oversized pages in PDF.

PDF Merge and Combine

PDF Merge

Batch combine and merge multiple PDF files in Folders and Subfolder.

Create autoamtically bookmarks. Fast and easy to use.


Why Document Scanning
How Paper Document affect your Business
  • Office employees spend 20%-25% of their time looking for documents. This results in over 3,000 lost hours per 10 employees. The average document is copied or reproduced and stored 9-11 times, at an average of $18 per document. This results into thousands of Dollars per each file cabinet.

  • 7% of all documents are being misfiled. The average cost to find a misfiled document is $120, if you find it.

  • In addition to these labor costs, Off-site Storage costs money and has delays in getting the documents. Onsite storage costs expensive office space.

  • And, in case of disasters like hurricanes, floods etc., you have to move heavy file cabinets.

  • Work processes are time consuming and limited to the location of the document.

Benefits of VDOCS Scanning and Imaging Services
  • Find your documents in seconds - instead of minutes or hours. This results in almost 100% cost savings

  • Eliminate your hard copy Filing Cabinets, and save the Office Space and Off-Site Storage.

  • Find keywords in the entire documents in seconds

  • Save $,$$$ by reducing the time for off-site storage.Disaster Protection of Business documents

  • VDOCS services save you up to 100% of manual filing cost
    file and index automated and 100% correct

  • Open System: Completely and easy integrated into any business environment!

VDOCS Document Solutions

Document Scanning and Document Management Solutions and Workflos Integration

Accurate OCR Conversion Technology

Custom Industry Turnkey Solutions

3 times the features at 1/3 of the cost

Making Document Scanning, Indexing and Filing as easy as making copies

Optimizing and automatinc your current scanning process.

VDOCS Solution


Producitivty Gains of up to 100%

Low Price / Highest QUALITY Guarantee:

Always highest quality

Quick turn-around time

We beat competitive offers

Best / Lowest Price Guarantee