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Today vdocs provides customer savings for organization, regardless of size. vdocs provides document management and scanning services for customer from almost all industries, like medical, manufacturing, high tech, food, real estate, mortgage, financial, legal, and many more. 



We have two case studies of true customer savings.  One from a small retail customer and one from a city that converted all records into electronic files.  The savings and productivity gains, speak for itself.  Your company or organization can also save with vdocs solutions and services.



Customer Savings Example Small Retail Business

Customer Savings for a small reseller: The business was in the process of hiring a part time office manager to manage the typical business documents (invoices, receipts, sales sheets, business documents, statements etc.) and to provide all information on a regular base.

The estimated cost was about $1,000 per month.

Instead on a monthly or bi-monthly base vdocs picks up the documents, scans and indexes the documents and returns the documents quickly. The scanned documents are stored as a text searchable, OCR'd PDF files on the Business PC. By using free Indexing Software the Owner has access to all documents and document content within seconds.



  • Saving of $800-$900 per month

  • Instant and always access to all documents

  • Finding documents within seconds.

  • No storage space or file cabinets in his office

  • Protection of business documents from hurricanes and other natural disasters through Data Back-up

  • Theft protected



Customer Savings Example Municipalities

City Mid-size City had to re-organize 40+ File Cabinets of Property Records into a new filing System. One option was to increase the Storage Facility and buy new Filing Systems. The estimated Cost was in the six digits.  The Alternative was to convert all File Cabinets into a web based Document Management System and have all Documents Scanned.

vdocs managed the entire turn key process. His included the pick-up of the files, preparing the automated scan, index and filing workflows. Scanning of all documents, including engineering drawings, and processing all documents into the unlimited user web based Document – Records Management System


  • Bottom Line Business savings of over $50%

  • Productivity Increase by close to 100%

  • Instant and always access to all documents

  • Finding documents within seconds.

  • No storage space or file cabinets in office

  • Filing Room is used for different Department

  • Protection of business documents from hurricanes and other natural disasters through Data Back-up

  • Theft protected


In addition to the initial develop solution the City started using the system for other Departments. By providing the City Lawyers instant access and instant search capabilities, the city could drastically reduce the time looking for documents by close to 100%. This save money and reduces the overall operations cost.


vdocs - true bottom line cost savings for any size business

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