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vdocs low cost scanning services offers the highest quality in the industry.

Our advanced technology eliminates manual steps in the scanning and indexing process.

We pass on these cost savings to offer you the most advanced scanning and indexing services at the lowest cost available.






VDOCS always offers:

  • Lowest Cost - Best Pricing Guarantee

  • Highest Quality

  • Best Services

  • Most Comprehensive Solution




Price List Scanning Services


To determine the Lowest Price for your specific scanning requirements we follow our low cost price generation Model.

Every Scan job is different, but we base our basic quote for 8.5 x 11 b/w documents with a 300 dpi scan resolution on the following pricing model:


•$0.04 per page: Basic Scan to either PDF or TIFF images, 300 x 300 dpi b/w

•$0.05 per page: Content Search: above plus Full Back-up of searchable PDF

•$0.06 per page: Auto File Name Indexing: all above plus Auto Indexing and creating of searchable PDF

•$0.07 per page: Custom File Name all above plus Indexing on Forms recognition, creation of searchable PDF, validation of indexing fields

•$0.08 per page: Full Document Indexing with Database validation all above plus Database validation and automatic indexing with ODBC database connection



Pricing Variations:

Price may vary depending on overall quantity, pick up & delivery, quantity of Staples, low volume set up fee, different paper size, OBDC database set up charge plus applications test.



Two Proposals

We will provide you two proposals:

    1. Turn key pricing for the entire job and
    2. Price per page



Lowest Price Guarantee:

After job completion we will honor the lowest price of the two proposals. You always win by getting the best possible price and you know about the total cost. No games - no hidden cost. We present you upfront with the entire proposal and honor the lowest price.



vdocs – always low cost - best services - highest quality




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