Medical Records Integration in EMR EHR  & Digital Business Documents Integration


VDOCS as a medical records specialist is fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines.  We only work with medical records under the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.

We have the experience on how to handle properly medical records. We know that each time a patient receives a health care service, you produce a record or document of the intervention and treatment outcome that needs to be maintained. The medical record needs to be organized with all other documentation for future use. Many medical practices see a large amount of patients and produce a large amount of documents. The documents then need to be filed properly based on the various filing techniques.

vdocs as medical records specialist is well acquainted with many aspects of a medical practice, especially medical records.  Our business is provide you medical business innovative, cost effective and productive solutions to make the document filing and medical records maintenance easy and efficient.


Manual and Time consuming Process to Scan Documents

The typical EMR / EHR system does not provide any automation of scanning medical records.  For a one provider Office the cost of scanning medical records into the EMR EHR system can will exceed in most cases $15,000 - $18,000 per year. Several of our customers used the so called automated process from their EMR vendor to scan documents.  It still took about 60 to 90 seconds per document to scan and assign to the correct patient.  With VDOCS our customers automated the process and saved between 75% to 90% of the labor.  At 100 to 200 documents per day this resulted in 2 - 6 hours labor savings or many $1,200 to $1,500 labor saving per month.


Automating Document Scanning into EMR EHR Systems

vdocs works with several EMR EHR companies and implemented completely automated records indexing and filing solutions.

  • Patient Chat filing can be as easy and quick as making copies
  • Medical Records scanned in seconds, filed automatically
  • Save up to 75%-90% of your filing time

The key benefit of the vdocs integration is that depending on your EMR, vdocs can almost completely eliminate the manual steps of scanning the documents into the patient charts.  This reduces the time to scan, index and file of patient records to a few seconds.


Why still use hard copy documents?

Your office still has many many documents that also need to be managed.  What about:

  • EOB's
  • A/R, A/P
  • HR
  • Accounting documents, invoices
  • Faxes, etc.?

Medical records is the big focus for EMR, EHR solutions.  EMR EHR systems can increase your productivity and improve your bottom line.  But why stop there. Achieve the same productivity gains for all your documents.

Why stop at only digitizing medical records?  The medical records are about 30 to 50% of all records in the typical medical office.  Imagine the savings and productivity gains by going almost 100% paperless.  It will pay for itself quickly and then you will start saving.


Back File Scanning into your EMR EHR

  • Need to integrate paper patient chats into your EMR/EHR?
  • Need to get patient charts quickly into your EMR / EHR?
  • Need affordable document conversion?

VDOCS manages the entire process of integrating the patient records into the EMR system. By using the vdocs autoINDEX>autoFILER process we normally completely automate the indexing process. The scanned images are being automatically filed automatically into the EMR EHR system.


Get your Documents Online and Secure

Many EMR / EHR vendors provide hosted solutions for the patient charts.  But EMR / EHR systems do not address your business documents, EOB, etc.  These documents also need to be managed efficient and productive.

Our Document Hosting Services is secure, HIPAA compliant and very easy to use.  You can achieve major productivity gains from converting all your documents electronically and managing them online.


Full Automation - Scan - Fax - Publish - Notify

Receiving the power of digital documents by combining our solutions.

  • EOB Processing: Scanning of EOB's
  • Fax Automation: Incoming faxes will be routed directly into your hosted document account.
  • Find information in Seconds: The entire typed content of all documents is full text searchable

VDOCS developed several processes and solutions to reduce your time and cost of managing all your documents.



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