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vdocs provides Large Format Scanning Services, Wide Format Scanning or Blueprinting scanning services of architectural, mechanical, construction and engineering drawings plus paper to cad conversion services.

vdocs large format scanning services offers high quality and low cost wide format scanning service, drawing scanning, blueprint scanning and affordable architectural cad conversion, cad drafting and engineering large format scanning services.


Large format document scanning is our expertise.

Using our large format scanners and large format printers, we can scan, copy and pring large format blueprints, survey plans, topographical maps, tax records, mechanical drawings, architectural plans and engineering large format drawings.  

We provide large format scanning services to Engineering companies, Architects, Builders, Government Agencies, US Military, Public Utilities, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Companies.

VDOCS offers total large format Scanning and Printing Services.

Large format printing in BW. Wide Format Scanning in Color and BW.

VDOCS Lowest Cost Guarantee

vdocs provides large format scanning, wide format scanning and blueprint drawing scanning at the right price.   vdocs normally beats all competitive pricing plus in most cases we offer more services.



FREE Sample Scan:

Check out our large format scanning services.  Provide us a sample document and we are looking sending you promptly the digital scan in e-mail.   



Pricing and Best Price Guarantee:

We offer two options to provide you the best pricing.  Pricing varies on Minimum Volume, Indexing Requirements, Document Filing requirements.  


 1. Fixed Price for all you Drawings:

After discussing your specific requirements we normally offer a price per image that includes all your specific requirements regardless of the original document size.

2. Scanning Price by Size:

40¢ for up to 12" x 24" per large format drawing

75¢ for up to 24" x 36" per large format drawing

95¢ for up to 36" x 48" per large format drawing


Our pricing is based on:

Scanning b/w or grayscale to PDF, TIFF or CAL

300 x 300 dpi

Transfer files through CD, DVD, Flash Drive, Hard Drive, Web, FTP, etc or your preferred media

FREE Document Destruction / Document Shredding (optional)

The pricing based on a per image charge for wide format drawings

A minimum volume is required

On-site – Off-site Large Format Scanning Services

Our professionals are specialists at providing scanning and conversion services related to oversize wide format documents and files. 

As with all of our services, we specialize in performing document scanning and conversions offsite and onsite at client facilities. For on-site scanning services vdocs would bring in all required computers, scanners, servers, etc. Our trained personnel will perform all required work at your location. 


Turnaround time to meet your deadlines

VDOCS helps you meet your deadlines. We have well trained staff that can work around the clock to meet your organizations scanning needs.   


VDOCS offers Large Format Scanning and Blueprint drawing scanning using our High Speed High Quality Engineering Scanners.

Providing high quality large format scanning and blueprint scanning services. We provide you only the best possible image quality. Each scanned image is checked for quality. On poor-quality originals, our scanning operators make adjustments as required. Using top of the line Xerox Scanning technology, the scanner analyzes variations in contrast and background tone and adjusts the threshold level as necessary or we manually adjust to provide you the highest quality scan

  • required quality adjustments (manual – technology)

  • clean up of background noise on older drawings

  • rotation of the image for best viewing

  • background suppression and de-skewing of documents.

The quality of the original is an important factor.  The better the original the better the scan. But you will be amazed what quality we can achieve from “bad” originals. 



File Formats

We provide scanning services of your blueprint, wide format, large format scans into the following File Formats:

  • PDF files

  • OCR Text Searchable PDF Files (Up to 24"x 36")

  • TIFF Images

  • Cal 

  • DXF (Autocad)

  • DWG (Autocad)



Fragile Documents

We treat every document with the highest care. Some originals need special treatment before we can scan them. In certain cases, we will build a mylar carrier to protect your drawings if necessary. This requires a small additional cost.



VDOCS provides complete indexing services so you can easily find your scanned large format scan. In addition we supports the entire document integration for your document management system.



Save with VDOCS Index Automation

By using the vdocs autoINDEX autoFILER in most cases we can index the large format scans with your required indexing criteria at very little or no additional cost.  The vdocs index automation process will save you up to 100% of your indexing cost and only files if the indexing is correct.     




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