VDOCS Photo Scanning Service

4K Scan Quality on as small as 3" x 3" photos

6K image quality for 5" x 3" photos

7K image quality for 6" x 4" photos



  • 1,200 dpi photo scanning

  • High Quality Photo Scanning

  • Up to 11.5" x 17" photo or picture size

  • Correct Image Orientation

  • Download scanned photos immediately

  • 5K or 3,600 dpi 35mm Slide / Negative scanning

  • Min Scanning Size:  0.5"

  • Image File Options:  JPG, TIF, PDF, BMP

  • You only pay for the scanned images.

  • Easy Pricing Structure

  • You receive always 2 sets of either CD's or DVD's



INCLUDED - No extra charges:




1. Quality Photo Scanning:

All Color Images are scanned at 1,200 dpi full color for up to 6" x 8". Using our High Quality Production Scanners we can provide you highest image quality at the best price possible. 1,200 dpi scan resolution will provide you piece of mind if you want to reproduce or enlarge images.

What Resolution should I chose?

This depends if you ever want to enlarge your photos. We recommend to scan your photos with 1,200 dpi. If your photos are scanned with 300 dpi and you want to enlarge the digital images, you will lose image quality. With 1,200 dpi you can enlarge the image later down the road for either print or reproduction in your HD TV.

Option: 2-sided Scanning: If you have important information written on the back of the photo, we can scan both sides of the photos.



2. Color Correction Included:

With VDOCS photo scanning services we color correct each image. Regardless of the age of your photograph VDOCS color correction will provide you a sharp contrast rich image. This is perfect if you have old b/w or gray scale images. VDOCS color correction unleashes the detail of your image.
Color Correction for Photo scanning.



3. Image Orientation Included:

VDOCS offers the unique Image Orientation Correction Service. This means we check each image and correct the orientation. This saves you time in preparing the Photos before you send them to us and you do not need to go through all the image after you receive them and spend time to correct the orientation.

Photo Image orientation Service

We validate each image and correct the orientation. This is a unique vdocs.



4. Photo Transfer to your PC

After the photo are scanned you receive access to our secure photo download site. You do not have to wait for the CD. With VDOCS you have immediate access to your photos after they have been scanned. Easily you can download the scanned photos to your computer and enjoy. Download scanned photo to your computer.



5. Small Size Photos / Large Size Photos / Card board Pictures

Small Size Photos:

VDOCS is one of the very few companies that offers scans from photos that are smaller than 3 x 3 inch. We can scan, starting from 0.5" and larger.
Normal Photos.

Larger Size Photos:

VDOCS scans images up to 11.5" x 17".

Card Board Images

Card Board Photos will be reproduced manual, hand fed with our Flatbed scanners.



6. We name, index your photos

Title of Images

Organize your Photos, put a place card with name in front.  We then name all photos in this section with your chosen name. Then after you received your scans, they are already organzied.



7. Photo to DVD:

If you want to see your photo collection on your DVD player? 
vdocs can burn your newly scanned digital images on DVD and create a continuous slide show. Each DVD contains about 120 minutes of video. The amount of images depends on scan / image size and the amount of images. A rule of thumb is that you can view about 400-800 images on each DVD with a 7 sec interval to switch from picture to picture.



8. Quick Turnaround time:

Normal turnaround time for orders below 2,000 photos is 5 business days, for up to 5,000 images 10 business days. We can provide a 48 hour turnaround time for jobs below 2,000 images time with a $25 surcharge. This does not include shipping time. The turn around time needs to be validated, depending on pre-scheduled activity.










Photo Scan Order

You do not need to count your photos and 35 mm slides. After scanning we will provide you an exact amount of scanned images.

Please estiamte or best guess the amount of photos you like us to scan.

The billing will be based on the final amount of images.

I accept the VDOCS terms and conditions for my Photo and 35mm scan order.

To accept and confirm the order, please type in the number "1" in the below field



Please send your Photos to:

VDOCS Corporation

7400 140th Street

Seminole, FL 33776

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