Quality Photo Scanning is our Business


Our goal is to make help you get the best digital reproduction of your photos.

We treat your pictures and photos as what they are: Your most precious treasures.

Your Photos are your memories and your stories of life. 


VDOCS Photo Scanning Process

We developed a custom Photo-Scan-Process to achieve highest image quality with productivity and lowest cost. We achieve these goals by using a powerful combination of Best in Class Technology with Efficient Processes and Quality Control Processes.



VDOCS is only using very high end production color scanners that optimize the image quality of each individually photo scan. This allows for VDOCS to scan your photos with one of the highest scan resolutions of up to 1,200 DPI available. 


Hand Scanning:  

Each image is safely scanned by hand, and the image quality is immediately checked. This provides highes quality for each scanned image.


Image Quality:

These scanners have powerful image control software to reproduce images as close as possible to the original. Our goal is to reproduoce the photo the most identical way and to provide you an image with lots of detail.


Visual Image Validation:

The scanning process is a mechanical process that needs to be monitored on an ongoing base we validate every image while it is being scanned. The slightest problem can cause severe image quality loss.


Correcting Image Orientation:  

We rotate the scans to its correct orientation. Actually this service developed out of our quality insurance process while we are applying a 2nd visual quality process to check each image. And we offer this service FREE of charge.



Quality Photo Handling

After we received your box with Photos we handle your photos with great care. After the scanning is done we placing the photos the same way back in the box you send them to us. All Photos are only handled in a climate controlled environment.


You validate the final Quality

One additional unique offering from vdocs photo scanning services is that you validate the quality before we send you the photos back. vdocs will provide you an download link for your scanned photos. You download the images and validate the quality. 


One word about Digital Photo Image Quality

Color quality and image appearance is subjective. Our goal is to re-produce the digital image as close as possible to the original photo. When you transfer a photo to a digital copy and open the digital image on two different computer screen or different phones you will see differences in the image. This is a result that each phone and computer monitor looks different. Our Scanning stations are constanly calibrated to match the color of the digital image as close as possible to the photo and to provide as much detail as possible.


Color Image Correction

Again color Quality is subjective. We offer color correction services, but the result will be more different than the digital scan of the original. Image Correction normally increases sharpness, contrast and eliminates certain ares (like red-eye's).












Photo Scan Order
You do not need to count your photos and 35 mm slides. After scanning we will provide you an exact amount of scanned images.
Please estiamte or best guess the amount of photos you like us to scan.
The billing will be based on the final amount of images.



Please send your Photos to:

VDOCS Corporation

7400 140th Street

Seminole, FL 33776

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