You only pay for actual scans


VDOCS Has the EASIEST and most affordable pricing structure. No hidden cost. 

With VDOCS Photo Scanning you only pay for the actually scanned images.

All Services are icluded. This makes is very easy to estiamte the cost of your project

If you compare the Total Cost you will see that VDOCS offers the most for your money.



Photo Scanning Pricing


25 ¢ per photo scan of loose Photos,

Scanning with 1,200 dpi, from 0.5" to to 6" x 8".



10 ¢ per photo to remove, scan and place back Photos in album

If you do not like to take out the images from your album, no problem. We will take out the image from your album, scan and place back into the album. Please note that not all images can be taken out. In addition the sheet protectors often do not glue properly back on the pages afterwards.



50¢ per image from Album or Oversized

including scanning from Photo Album, plus cropping individual pages

Larger than 6"x8" and up to 11"x17" in image size, scanning with 600 DPI






95¢ per slide, negative, 3,600 DPI SCANNING

35mm Slide / Negative Scanning, Scanning with 3,600 dpi


$2.25 per slide, negative, 7,200 DPI SCANNING

35mm Slide / Negative Scanning, Scanning with 7,200 dpi




Minimum Order:

$50 plus S&H








2 CD's or Image DVD's are always included in your order
Each additonal image CD or DVD is $3,00.


1. 1,200 DPI High Quality Photo Scanning:

Using our High Quality Production Scanners we can provide you great image quality at the best price possible. Other companies scan with a resolution of only 300 dpi. The problem with 300 dpi photo scanning is that you are only able to reproduce the image in the same size. With only 300 dpi scanning you will lose quality if you want to enlarge the photos or display on a wide screen.
VDOCS scans all Color Images with 600 dpi 24 bit full color. 1,200 dpi scan resolution will provide you piece of mind if you want to reproduce or enlarge images.

Option: 2-sided Scanning:
If you have important information written on the back of the photo, we can scan both sides of the photos. Additional Charges will apply.



2. Correct Image Orientation:

Every Image will be validated and adjusted for correct image orientation.

FREE: Included in vdocs Photo Scanning Services.



3. Color Correction:

Every Image will be adjusted with our powerful color correction solution.

FREE: Included in vdocs Photo Scanning Services.



4. Photo Transfer to your PC

After the photo are scanned you receive access to our secure photo download site. You do not have to wait for the CD. With vdocs you have immediate access to your photos after they have been scanned. Easily you can download the scanned photos to your computer and enjoy.

FREE: Included in vdocs Photo Scanning Services.



5. Indexing:

Do you want us to custom name or index the photos? Normally images are named by numbers, like 0001,0002,0003. We can add information to the scans that you will be able to identify the pictures easier. Example: 5 Kids School Days 1 001.jpg, 5 Kids School Days 1 002.jpg.





1. Photo to DVD:

If you want to see your photo collection on your DVD player?

VDOCS can burn your newly scanned digital images on DVD and create a continuous slide show. Each DVD contains up to 120 minutes of video. The amount of images depends on scan / image size and the amount of images. A rule of thumb is that you can place about 400 - 800 images on each DVD with a 7 sec interval to switch from picture to picture.


$15.00 for 2 Video DVDs, each additional copy: $5.00



2. Quick Turnaround time:

Normal turnaround time for orders below 2,000 photos is 5 business days, 5,000 photos is 10 business days.


Rush Jobs, depending on availability:

  • 48 hour turnaround time: $25 surcharge
  • 24 hour turnaround time: $50 surcharge


Note: The turn around time does not include shipping time.












Photo Scan Order
You do not need to count your photos and 35 mm slides. After scanning we will provide you an exact amount of scanned images.
Please estiamte or best guess the amount of photos you like us to scan.
The billing will be based on the final amount of images.



Please send your Photos to:

VDOCS Corporation

7400 140th Street

Seminole, FL 33776

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