How to select your scanning vendor, scanning services provider?



How to select a scanning-vendor-provider that converts paper to digital document is an important question for your business. The digital format has many advantages like easy distribution, security, quick access and no need to print anymore. But does your scanning vendor or provider offer you what’s required to maximize your business savings with the maximum productivity of your digital documents. There is a difference.



What are the main considerations in selecting your scanning vendor?



1. What do you need the documents for?

Always start with the End in Mind. What do you want to do with the documents? Do you just want to secure store them or retain the information in a Document Management, Records Management, Knowledge Management System or ECM Enterprise Content Management System.  This can vary from a very simple free Indexing Systems to unlimited user web based Content Knowledge, Document Management System or even EMH/EHR systems.

vdocs implemented a wide array of different document storage solutions from state local, to retail, manufacturing, medical and others.  We always taylor our solutions to meet your needs.  



2. What indexing is required?

Again start with the End in Mind. You need to identify what search criteria you need to retrieve documents very quickly. The Scanning process is almost identical, but the indexing process is a major differentiator for the scanning vendor.

vdocs uses a variety of indexing solutions.  This ranges from manual indexing to complete automated document indexing.  With our autoINDEX autoFILER solution we are able to automate most indexing processes.  Automated indexing eliminates mistakes, reduces time and cost for you.



3. What speed or turn-around time do you require?

The question is will the scanning vendor be able to meet or beat your deadline. Also how do other customers feel about the vendor?

vdocs matches your turn-around requirements.  Regardless of small or large scan jobs.



4. Documents Received

In this stage, vdocs receive the project files and perform an inventory process to log and label these materials.  Our goal is to serve your information access needs, minimizing the impact of this project on your business.These processes allow us to quickly retrieve any materials you may need while your files are in our care.



5. Conversion Process Preparation:

vdocs sets up the preparation, scanning, indexing process and validates the step multiple times before the production begins.  Our rigorous approach to tailor the specific requirements ensures the levels of accuracy that is required to perform the document conversion at highest quality.



6. File preparation Quality:

Does the vendor have experience and established work processes to prepare the files properly and put the hardcopy documents back in the same way they were received. This enables you to validate the documents and check the overall vendor’s performance.

vdocs takes pride in preparing the documents.  Document Preparation is an essential and time consuming component of the scanning process.  vdocs employs only highly trained and very detailed oriented individuals.  We are meticulous in handling your mission-critical business documents



7. Scanning:

In this stage, your Team’s files are scanned utilizing our vdocs technology.  Our scanning technologies and processes always ensures the best possible image capture.  Our team focuses on your specific document conversion requirements (such as image settings, file format, page size and paper thickness), and specific project requirements (such as special processing of odd-size pages, color images and double-sided pages).  The Scanning Services Quality Lead selects for each project the best software and process to ensure that all imaging requirements are met and that no changes is required in the process.  vdocs tests the process multiple times before we start the production scanning process.  This allows us scan your job the first time correctly, that the systems will not double feed and no images are being skipped.



8. Process Quality Control:

Does the vendor have the scanning technology able to process the thousands of images with out miss-feeding or skipping any pages? Scanners are not scanners.

vdocs only uses scanner technology that provides the highest qualtiy and avoiding double feed or skipping pages.  Our scanners are constantly cleaned and the processes are validated before the production scans.



9. File Conversion & Indexing & Filing

vdocs utilizes the autoINDEX>autoFILER technology and other solutions to convert the scanned images into the required file format and utilized the best image enhancement capabilities for each job.  We normally recommend to convert the files into searchable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) PDF files.  In this process each letter is converted into a searchable information.  

The vdocs autoINDEX>autoFILER Solution is able to automate the indexing and filing process for most projects. The automation allows 100% correct indexing and reduces the time for manual indexing.  

Depending on your requirements vdocs autoFILES the documents into your required document storage media.  This can a CD, FlashDrive, Computer Hard Drive, FTP Site, or your Document Management System, Records Management System or your EHR/EMR.



10. In-house Scanning:

You need to validate if the vendor is able to process all your documents in-house or if they outsource some scanning. This is an important consideration for the security of your documents.

vdocs does not outsource any scanning or indexing.  We manage the entire process inhouse.  This gives you the security that your documents are safe.



11. Cost:

The price for scanning depends on the size of the order, the frequency of the order and the complexity in terms of the indexing. Also if the company is not specialized in Scanning they might not have the appropriate Technology to provide a turn-key solution and will charge you more.

vdocs has decades of experience and we maximize the automation of document scanning and indexing.  This reduces cost, your cost.  In most cases we are even less expensive than in-house scanning.

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